Nancy at Paul Johnson's Studio (SMR)
Hey Y'all, that's me with PJ (Paul Johnson) aboard the Ross Revenge during the RSL broadcast for Radio Caroline, in August of 2004.  Paul owns and operates SMR - Special Music Radio.  He gave me the idea of starting this website, and even though I don't update it often, it's been good to have it because people do get in touch.  Paul has promoted me and given me the confidence to keep presenting, despite my inexperience and my rather distinct southen accent. If anyone says they're my biggest fan, they'll have to get in the queue behind Paul.
I am usually available for voice-over work, or any other sort of promotional work where a female American voice with a 'Deep South' accent would prove useful.
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I am an American who moved to England in 1998 after meeting the man of my dreams on the Internet in a Yahoo Chat Room - and yes, he's still the man of my dreams, so this Internet  romance thing can work.  We're living proof!  We think the Internet is the 8th Wonder of the World!
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Listen to the Music!

I've always loved music and listening to terrific American radio stations, and collecting as many albums as I could afford.  Like everyone 'our age', I've watched the industry constantly evolve. We've had vinyl (45s and LPs), reel to reel,  the infamous 8-track, cassette, CD, mini-disk, computer, personal music systems such as i-river and i-pod.  Haven't we seen so much technology in our lifetimes?  Of course the fact that we've had to replace our music collection a few times is the downside.  My entire vinyl collection is now residing in Alaska with my son - who went and bought a turntable :))

I used to dream of being able to just pick any song I wanted to listen to, and just push a button.  Kids today can't imagine how it was before, but I would NOT give up my memories of laying in bed at night with my transister radio, just hoping against hope that I'd hear my favourite song before my dad stormed into my bedroom and made me turn it off. I guess that was a blessing because batteries tended to die overnight.

I had the extreme good fortune of being picked up to do shows for Radio Mi Amigo in August, 2002, when they broadcast for a month from the Harwich Harbour aboard the LV-18.  It was great fun, and my first chance to present.  I met so many great people.  Pictured in the photo is manager Garry Lee, myself, and Tony Currie from Glasgow who presents for the BBC radio - Scotland.  Tony originated the radio show 'The Barnacles', and gave me a small role in one episode during the RSL.
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2002 RMA
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Paul Johnson with Alice Cooper
Here is my friend PJ meeting Rock Legend Alice Cooper after The Rolling Stones concert in Cardiff, August, 2006.   PJ tells me Alice was a real gentleman with people who wanted his autograph and photographs. PJ managed to get this final picture before Alice got back into his car. Lucky PJ.  I wish I'd met Alice Cooper too!!!

A bit of trivia for you.  Alice Cooper sponsors the upkeep on one of the Hollywood Letters.  Cool, huh?  Someone 'owns' each one of the letters and pays for the upkeep on that letter so that legendary landmark may always be at its very best.

Weymouth Harbour - September 2007 - 2014  making shows aboard the Al's Spirit
Nikki and Neon Nancy
Pete Bryant - Enjoying the harbour view
PJ (Paul Johnson)
PJ is back in Weymouth - Grinning big time!
Music Central aboard the Al's Spirit
PJ & Nikki - After dinner
Big Thanks to Captain Adrian Brown
Al's Spirit Charters - Weymouth
 01732 462925
Sometimes we get a great big case of the "I just can't help its" - making radio shows is a great hobby, even if we only send them out to our friends.

PJ organises the boat and the equipment and the rest of us get invited along for the fun. PJ's heart belongs to Weymouth and to music.
The Weymouth Harbour is beautiful, rain or shine! Thanks for letting me borrow your rain-gear, Captain Ivor *smooches* xox
Have a Coke and a Smile :)
Good old 'Redneck Nectar' - Coca Cola and I both are both brought to you from near Atlanta, Georgia.
Iain Johnston at the mic
Dee Dee Wilde posing at the mike aboard the Al's Spirit after her interview with Mandy.

CLICK Dee Dee's picture to go to her Website
Mandy interviewing the beloved Captain Ivor
Paul Dennis enjoying his turn at the mic
Dee Dee Wilde (former Pans People dancer) and PJ have become friends since she and her husband (Henry Marsh from the band Sailor) showed up for one of our SMR events. Mandy did a great job interviewing Dee Dee and I had the pleasure of interviewing Henry.

Dee Dee invited PJ and I to her book signing party at the Cinema Museum in London. It was a great party and Babs, Ruth and Dee Dee had about a two hour interview. Dee Dee has managed to get some copies of the rare recordings left of Pan's People dancing on Top of the Pops. The BBC taped over shows in those days, so she's lucky to have them. The videos were shown on the big screen at the museum's upstairs Palladium Lounge.  Click the photo of the book to buy it on Amazon. It is a great read and it also tells you what all the girls have been up to recently.  It is LOADED with photos! 
DeeDee now owns a dance studio in her home town. She did a special Dance Club event in Bristol and invited PJ along.  She is the most amazing woman - I just wish I'd been able to see Top of the Pops - we didn't have that in America, although we had American Bandstand... but we sure didn't have Pan's People!
Pan's People Book Signing Party - November 2013
BABS                RUTH                    DEE DEE
by Neon Nancy
 - Thursday August 14th - Sunday August 17, 2014

Broadcasted from 106.8MHz (mono) and online at
Tony Currie and Tony O'Neill
Click HERE for Tony's 'Lively Lounge' show

The LV 18 on 14 August 2014 - The 'A' Side

The LV 18 on 15 August 2014 - The 'B' Side

Bart Serlie - "The Floating Dutchman"

Click HERE for Bart's Website

Standing with Radio Caroline legend, Alan 'Neddy' Turner
Click HERE for Alan's Website

I got the nickname, "Neon Nancy" when I owned and operated a small neon sign shop in my home town in Georgia.  I decided not to do neon here in England, because the industry is just so different here than in the States, but I did decide to resurrect my nickname to do radio shows. I love living in England, and plan on being here 'from death do us part'. My hobbies include sewing, drawing and painting, photography and music.
Photo by Martin Newman
Enda Caldwell
Click HERE for Enda's Wiki Page
Garry Lee at the controls
Click HERE for Garry on Overflow

Alan, Tony, Neon and Enda
goofing off between shows

Tony Currie, Alan 'Neddy' Turner, Sharon Smith and Enda Caldwell
Alan and Tony
Tony, Alan and Enda
Photo by Jake Kaneen
Presenting Live from Harwich for Radio Mi Amigo
Listen from 3pm to 5pm 1 - 5 August 2016